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Last updated: September 11, 2015 at 22:58 pm

Considerations to improve the search rankings of pages.

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There is nothing quite so fluid or subject to rapid change as search engine optimization requirements. In order to minimize spamming and insure relevant results for their users, the major search engines update and change their algorithms on a regular basis. Use this page to introduce general SEO best practices, show areas where accessibility and SEO sometimes conflict, and provide an overview of black-hat and gray-hat techniques that must be avoided.
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Desktop Web, Tablet Web, Smartphone Web,

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Specifications To Consider

  • Does your company have a dedicated SEO department or subject matter experts on this topic? If so, one of this pattern’s owners should be a representative from that department.
  • Be sure to cover techniques that may appear innocent to inexperienced designers or developers, yet are viewed as gray-hat or black-hat practices by the search engines. Touch upon the penalties associated with these practices and their potentially devastating impact on revenue.
  • Provide an overview of general SEO best practices for coding, content and design. This will be extremely useful for new designers.
  • Have a documented, previously approved process in place for those instances when SEO requests conflict with accessibility requirements. This will ensure that developers and designers know what to do in order to resolve such conflicts quickly.

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search ranking, keywords, meta tags, alt tags, google results
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