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Rules regarding color, alt tags, captions, and other features that make your site accessible to users who are disabled or impaired.

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One of the most important areas to address, from social, legal and financial perspectives, is your site’s accessibility guidelines. Most companies do not intentionally create inaccessible sites—they are simply unaware they are doing so. Therefore all employees should be aware of the importance and benefits of accessibility compliance, and incorporate these standards into their deliverables.
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  • Include links to important accessibility resources such as and so your teams have access to the most recent regulations. These sites often include valuable checklists, analyzers and calculators to help ensure your designs are in compliance. You may also want to include links to educational materials or videos on accessibility best practices for your design and coding teams.
  • Discuss the potential legal and public relations consequences to the company if accessibility guidelines are not followed.
  • Remind employees that accessibility features also benefit those without disabilities, particularly older users—one of the fastest growing customer segments for many companies.
  • Encourage your user research department to include customers with disabilities and create accessibility test scenarios when evaluating site designs and performance.

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accommodations, disability, ADA guidelines
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