Dates, Times, and Ranges
Last updated: September 14, 2015 at 14:03 pm

The methods by which the user enters dates, times, or spans of time into a form including preformatted text fields, calendar pickers, and select lists.

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There are many accepted ways for users to enter dates and times. Select lists are common for both, while calendar pickers are used frequently for to specify dates. However, the interactions become more complicated when the user must specify a range between two dates or times. Due to its complex nature, this is a standard which may require more senior owners who understand all the variations or Use Cases that need to be addressed.
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Desktop Web, Tablet Web, Smartphone Web, Desktop App, Tablet App, Smartphone App

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Specifications To Consider

  • Will you use calendar date pickers or select lists? Select lists take up far less screen space, but calendar-pickers showing the day of the week may be more helpful.
  • When using calendar pickers, be careful to follow local customs for starting the week on Sunday versus Monday. This will minimize user mistakes.
  • When using calendar pickers for a date range, should you show two months at a time to cover ranges which start one month and end in the next? Will the range between the start and end date be highlighted? What is the interaction for changing the start or end date?
  • Define the visual styling for all calendar picker controls, such as advancing months or years.
  • When selecting times,how will you address time zones? When specifying time ranges, how will you communicate total time along with shifts in time zones or days (such as air travel)

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date picker, calendar picker, time entry, date range, durations, spans of time
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