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As the user begins entering text, a select list containing suggested terms will drop down. The user merely clicks the desired term, the drop down vanishes, and the search field is populated.

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What problem does this element or pattern solve?
To speed up input and minimize data entry errors when using open text fields, particularly on mobile devices, auto-suggest can be a valuable feature to include on your forms.
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Desktop Web, Tablet Web, Smartphone Web

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Specifications To Consider

  • There is huge potential for internal vocabulary confusion surrounding the terms auto-suggest, auto-complete, and auto-fill. The latter are often used to describe a browser setting which automatically populates multiple fields with saved data (such as complete shipping addresses). In order to avoid misunderstandings, use this area to clearly differentiate which term is used to describe which behavior.
  • When presenting your suggested responses, must the user physically click or touch the preferred response from a select list? Or will suggestions be made with ghost text as the user types?
  • If the user makes an apparent spelling error, will the application make an automatic correction (i.e. iPhone Auto- Correct)? Can the user disable this feature?
  • Are your auto-suggest behaviors different for desktop and mobile devices?

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This element or pattern may also be known as:
auto-fill, suggested items, suggested terms, auto-complete, autofill, autocomplete, autocorrect
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