Confirmation Before Action
Last updated: October 8, 2015 at 15:07 pm

An alert to prevent users from taking inadvertent and perhaps irrevocable or unintended actions.

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What problem does this element or pattern solve?
Occasionally, you may need your users to confirm an action they have requested before it is carried out, particularly when that action is required, irrevocable, or will take them off your site. Examples of this might include agreeing to terms and conditions, deleting an account, or canceling a reservation. In some industries, confirmation before action notices are a legal requirement before a process is permitted to continue.
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Desktop Web, Tablet Web, Smartphone Web

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Detailed specifications

Specifications To Consider

  • Clearly define the events which require a confirmation before action alert (CBA). You may find that you have many different categories of CBAs, ranging from a simple, “Are you Sure?” to quite detailed legal copy.
  • Once the CBA categories are defined, you can look at the visual styling and presentation for each group. Will the user be required to visit a separate page? Will you display the message in a modal or scroll box?
  • Check your proposed visual presentations with your legal department. Some industries do not legal agreements to be displayed inside show-hide interactions.
  • Once on the CBA screen, define the user interactions. Will you need a both a heck box and submit button? Or a submit button alone?
  • What occurs if the user reaches the CBA screen and realizes he or she does not want to take the action after all? How is the process canceled?

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This element or pattern may also be known as:
confirmation, are you sure, click ok, hit ok, confirm action dialog, warning, warning dialog, warn user before action
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