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Last updated: October 8, 2015 at 12:52 pm

Standardization and consistent spelling rules for various words and terms on our site.

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Having a quick-reference guide for spelling and usage is important whenever employees are writing content visible to customers. The idea is to ensure consistency and promote a “single voice” across the site. This page will save time and resources by providing instant answers when questions arise about grammar, punctuation, or recommended spellings.
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Desktop Web, Tablet Web, Smartphone Web

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Specifications To Consider

  • List of common words with controversial spellings: Does your company use “email” or “e-mail”? “Login” or “Log In”? “Username or User Name”?
  • Capitalization. Are headlines in all caps? If you use title case, do you follow the rule that articles and prepositions four letters or less are left in lower case? (“Gone With The Wind” vs “Gone with the Wind.”)
  • Punctuation. Do you use the Oxford comma? (Warning: this discussion may approach the level of a religious debate.) Do you place periods at the end of bullet points?
  • Use of abbreviations. Defining this area is far more difficult than it sounds, as many sites permit common abbreviations such as “Ave.” for “Avenue”,
  • Use of Acronyms. Do you permit the use of “FAQ” or should “Frequently Asked Questions” always be spelled out?
  • Links to the company’s approved style guide and brand voice materials.

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