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Last updated: September 14, 2015 at 20:38 pm

Define your company’s strategy for the use and consistent behavior of interactive geographical maps.

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With the proliferation of mobile devices, interactive location maps have become a mainstay of many applications. Although the basic functionality may be controlled by an external API, in most cases the number of activated interactions and visual styling are highly customizable.
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Tablet Web, Smartphone Web

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Specifications To Consider

  • Brief information on the Map API provider, along with direct links to that providers support area so developers and designers can get additional information.
  • Multiple examples of approved map styling and interactions within the API. Origin points, target destinations, points of interest, route lines, keys, legends, zooming, panning, etc.
  • Visual affordances which trigger maps. This includes text, icons, and thumbnails. Do these affordances contain static or dynamic content?
  • How are maps shared or printed from within your interface?
  • Visual styling of map containers. This should include containers, borders, titles, location of print and share icons, etc.
  • Interactions which display maps. Can maps appear inside a modal only? Should they be presented in an accordion or other expandable area? What about small maps inside a tool tip?

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directions, routes, points of interest
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