About Our Companion Book

UX Style Frameworks is a practical guide for the hands-on creation of a new and collaborative documentation format, which combines different departments’ standards and style guides into a single, unified, and accessible source for all employees. Marti Gold defines Style Frameworks for web and user experience designers, showing what, and how much information, should go into a style framework.

As UX designers and creative directors are charged with ensuring a business’s web and mobile output are in line with branding standards, the unification of style guides, code libraries, and pattern libraries is an important aspect to dissolving “design silos” and creating a unified brand. Each section in the book will identify the current pain points and common internal practices that result in standards documents being ignored and eventually becoming obsolete. UX Style Frameworks provide solutions on creating Style Frameworks that evolve to keep standards current, ultimately resulting in more cohesive brand and product designs.

Key features:
• Offers a fully functional companion website with a complete Style Framework, showing all examples featured in the book and available for download so that users can start their own Style Framework.
• Special section includes information about addressing company politics and policies to help readers navigate those murky waters to ensure buy-in and establishment of Style Frameworks.
• Includes detailed descriptions of the elements within a Style Framework, how those elements should be defined and presented, and gives the reader examples of the different ways Style Frameworks can be incorporated into their existing workflows.

Use this link to purchase your copy of UX Style Frameworks: Creating Collaborative Standards from Amazon.com. It is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle formats.