About Style Frameworks

StyleFramework.com was created to present a working example of a Style Framework, a new documentation format that can eliminate conflicting standards between Marketing style guides, UX pattern libraries, and Development code repositories. It is the companion site for the book "UX Style Frameworks: Creating Collaborative Standards." The book fully explains the benefits of using a Style Framework, the logic behind its structure, and provides a complete guide for implementation.

Style Frameworks consolidate brand, visual, and coding standards from marketing, user experience and engineering into a single, unified source that can be supported by an entire organization. This site showcases the types of content to include, as well as the structure and processes needed to create and effectively maintain a Style Framework.


During the course of my career, I've created a number of corporate style guides and pattern libraries – only to watch all of them eventually fall into disuse. Unwilling to accept that my future efforts were doomed to the same fate, I set out to find a workable format for standards documentation that would not eventually become obsolete.

After three years of evaluating hundreds of examples, I began to realize that what was needed was not increasingly details specifications, but a style framework: a rock-solid, base set of standards that was stripped of complex, overly prescriptive elements. Something that would encourage new UX design solutions, that could be easily maintained, and would evolve as brands and technologies changed.

StyleFramework.com is open sourced under the Artistic License 2.0. As such, you are free to copy this site's structure, its content and its formatting. In fact, if you'd like to jump-start your own Style Framework, you can download a clone of this entire site and then modify it for the needs of your own organization.

There is also a companion slide presentation available on Slideshare.net which explains how Style Frameworks evolved, the logic behind the structure, and detailed descriptions on the content. Feel free to download it by going to... http://www.slideshare.net/martigold/style-frameworks-withnotes

We hope you find this new format useful, and we look forward to seeing your examples. Thank you!